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graveyard seamounts

[UPDATE: Sorry, realised that I may have inadvertently caused confusion over the people responsible for naming the seamounts.  Stand by for clarity (and in the meantime, I’ve removed any specific references)]

[FURTHER UPDATE: Right, so it appears that the naming of the seamounts was done both by fishers _and_ scientists.  More details on naming below.*]

And I wanted to offer, as opening gift, my favourite science-related fact of the day.

On NZ’s Chatham Rise are a series of seamounts (submarine mountains) called the Graveyard seamounts.  28 of ‘em, to be precise.  With names including Zombie, Crypt, Soul Destroyer, Pyre, and Mts Doom and Gloom.

And how did I come across this?  Simple, really.  I changed jobs**.

A week ago I made the move across the city to work at NIWA*** as their Web Communications Advisor.  In essence, I am the editor/writer of the content on their mahooosive website.  Which is pretty cool, as it turns out, as NIWA play with many Fun Things.

And, as I discover Fun Things and Facts, I shall share them.  With you! Because I’m just like that :)


* The original two seamounts - Graveyard and Morgue - were named by the fishermen found and trawled them.  The reasoning for this naming depends on which skippers one speaks to, apparently:  in one story, it was because a horror movie was being watched at the time.  In another, it was because a lot of gear (nets etc) got lost there when they were first learning how to fish such features.  The naming theme then got continued over time by both fishermen and scientists.

** I’m still admin etc for Sciblogs :)

*** I am getting fit. Fast.  Given that the bus is crap and expensive, I now walk/cycle to work (Greta Point) some 90% of the time. I’d forgotten how much fun cycling is!

  • Michael Edmonds

    Hi Aimee

    Love the fun facts. I hope the new job goes well