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Global premier: First Orbit

Now, ordinarily I don’t use my blog to push events*.

Yuri Gagarin in Sweden
Yuri Gagarin in Sweden

However, and having said that, sometimes something comes along which looks to be particularly fascinating.  And tomorrow, just such as  thing is to take place.

Sadly, the Auckland event is booked out * sniff *, but Wellingtonian’s have the opportunity to watch the global premier of First Orbit, a documentary specially made for the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s epic trip.

For those whose memories temporary elude them, Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.  This was in 1961, when people were still using the (far cooler, methinks) term ‘cosmonaut’.  This was also the point in the space race in which the Soviet Union was very firmly kicking buttski. Those interested may also enjoy this infographic, which breaks down the Vostok’s history-making trip.  And, of course, the interwebs are fairly awash with further information.

Other treats on offer tomorrow at the Carter include the preview of a brand new planetariuam show, “Dawn of the Space Age”, as well as a speech by the Russian ambassador.

Also, I’m told there may be free wine.

So come!  But it may be a good idea to call the Carter and book a seat or five.  Just saying :)


First Orbit is absolutely stunning.  Also, I would not suggest wearing mascara while watching it.  Just saying.

And it can be downloaded here, or watched on the YouTubes here.


* Ahem.  While I’m at it, in that case: shameless self-plug.  Next monday (18th april) is the 5th nerdnite wellington.  Topics will include antennae/satellites, open hardware, narrative and scrabble.  And it’s still free :)  And you should come.

  • Elf Eldridge

    Also note that Carter’s Thomas Cooke telescope, the largest refractory telescope in the southern hemisphere, will be open for viewing tonight should the weather decide to play ball (and it looks promising from here!). Most likely we will get glorious views of Saturn and then focus on the southern sky looking at the jewel box, omega centauri and a few other jems! I hear the planetarium shows will be entertaining too….shameless self-plugs galore!

  • aimee whitcroft