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This comment does not exist. I think this bill is [content filtered for national security reasons]. I also think that [content filtered for trademark reasons] is [content filtered for possible defamation reasons] and [content filtered for possible defamation reasons]. Basically, what I mean is that if we don’t [content filtered for national security reasons] we’ll […]

Makerfaire SFBA 2012!

Squeeeeee! I went to Makerfaire (Bay Area) 2011! After the below I then got _more_ stuff… ……including signed prints from david malki! (wondermark, people, wonderfrikkinmark) The lunar modules were well cute - a picture of one of them, built (you can see the image in the first photo in this post) is below :)

Broken bones

My blogging levels have dropped off somewhat as I’ve spent much of the last week drugged, and with only one functional hand*. This is because last weekend, I got into a fistfight with the forces of evil**. I won (obviously), but broke my wrist in the process. Which kinda sucks. To be more precise, I […]

The new wizard of the west

I have discovered, to my enormous sadness, that many people are unaware of the existence or work of Nikola Tesla, the ‘electric Jesus’ who pioneered the modern system of AC (alternating current) we now use*. And, in an effort to help rectify this situation, I’d like to present the following article, taken from an 1899 […]

On the subject of phytoplankton

Discovered this morning in a beautiful old book :) Diatoms have lacy cases Of material silicaceous, Perforated lids and bases Made to fit like Petri dishes. Nursed on Nature’s hydroponic They’re prolific and nutritious Making bouillabase planktonic For the sustenance of fishes. - Ralph Lewin Taken from ‘The Fertile Sea’, by A.P. Orr and S.M. […]

Stunning video of STS-131 launch

There’s nothing better than a spot of spacepr0n (well more accurately, shuttlepr0n) on a Wednesday morning. [youtube][/youtube] And so, let me present an absolutely fantastic video showing the 2010launch of STS-131, the 33rd mission to the International Space Station (ISS).  It delivered science racks to be used in the labs onboard the Station. The space […]