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The new wizard of the west

I have discovered, to my enormous sadness, that many people are unaware of the existence or work of Nikola Tesla, the ‘electric Jesus’ who pioneered the modern system of AC (alternating current) we now use*.

the man himself
the man himself

And, in an effort to help rectify this situation, I’d like to present the following article, taken from an 1899 edition of Pearson’s Magazine.  It was passed to me by a friend, who in turn got it from another friend’s collection of beautiful old bound collections of such things**.

.It starts:

An Interview with Tesla, the Modern Miracle-worker, who is Harnessing the Rays of the Sun ; has Discovered Ways of Transmitting Power without Wires and of Seeing by Telephone ; has Invented a Means of Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser ; and, Finally, is Able to Manufacture Artificial Daylight.

Enjoy :)

Pearsons magazine_Tesla_01
Pearsons magazine_Tesla_02Pearsons magazine_Tesla_03Pearsons magazine_Tesla_04Pearsons magazine_Tesla_05Pearsons magazine_Tesla_06Pearsons magazine_Tesla_07

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I am a little saddened, however, by how little progress we’ve in made in the use of things such as solar power, given that he was thinking about this over a century ago…

* Amongst many, many other things.  The man was extraordinary

** Hooray for those who collect and pass down to their children/grandchildren such goodness.  Thank you…

  • lyndon

    Transcribed (oddly, without the leader):

  • Stuart Birks

    Your mention of currently popular ideas floated a hundred years ago brings to mind edison, Ford and the electric car. See:

  • VS

    Nice mention of Tesla. Your last comment reminds me of a line from the movie The Prestige, said by the Tesla character: “You’ve heard of the saying - man’s reach exceeds his grasp. Its a lie. Man’s grasp exceeds his nerve.”

  • Keçiören Nakliyat

    How can you say that people are unaware of Tesla ?
    Some other blogs were also saying the same things nowadays but this is not people aimed to do.
    Its what American Government did at the time Tesla died.

  • aimee whitcroft

    Sorry about these comments not showing up before! Something really funky is going on with notifications… But cheers for them :)