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The internet in 2015?

Just a quick one today.


I came across this video comparing internet stats in 2010 with (projected) internet stats in 2015.  Not surprisingly, NZ doesn’t really have a standout role in the figures shown, but I’m curious: to what extent do we belive these predictions? Do we think NZ will follow suite, and if so, how so?  And with which economic regions?

And on a smaller note: while it’s a very pretty infographic movie thing  (and a very pretty accompanying website), I’m not sure it’s the best I’ve seen: it’s very fast, and the metrics can be confusing.  Perhaps a voice over might have been helpful… And I’d have liked to have seen clearly what their references were :)

  • jan

    couldn’t agree more… lotsa pretty pictures and nice animations - but just too much at once and without a sensible context or story of sorts tying it together. after watching it for 3 mins i started skipping coz numbers just got too much!