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Spongelab: game based learning

I awoke this morning to a rather epic amount of win.

logo_spongelab_tagIncluded in this was an email from Spongelab asking if I’d like to register with them.  I did, and I have.

For those of you not suffering from attention issues (i.e. who didn’t immediately click on the hyperlink and will never read the rest of this post), Spongelab is a game-based learning community, centred (excitingly) not just around biology, but also around physics.  They describe themselves as

“a group of scientists, teachers, animators, artists, and programmers passionate about science education and with a desire to help foster learning through gaming.”

There are also seriously, seriously stunning animations/video, less plans etc, as well as (in the near future) podcasts, e-textbooks, and so forth.  It’s all quite pants-tighteningly lovely :)

And I’m super excited about initiatives such as these .  Not only are they brilliant for helping get the sprogs of the world interested and engaged in science, but they have other uses, too.  Indeed, I’ll be getting those friends and family of mine who didn’t study these kindsa things at university to have a look.  Not only might they find it fun _and_ interesting but, well, maybe I’ll have to spend less time explaining stuff, or getting blank stares…*


* Not that I’m complaining, mind