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She blinded me with science

I’m in a good, if whimsical, mood today.


And so, and in the hope of spreading it around (like the weird zombie head cold that’s going around, but better), I thought I’d share a song and accompanying music video.

She Blinded Me With Science was released in 1982 by British New Wave musician Thomas Dolby.  It did pretty well in the States, and was #1 for a coupla weeks in Canadia* (huzzah!), but not so much in the UK.

Anyhoo, it’s great fun, and makes me want to dance in a cheesy 80s way.  Which can only be a good thing, right?

UPDATE: And, of course, there are the _ways_ in which she could have blinded me with science.  Mad props and HTs to/at @droneale for this one.  Also, we heart McSweeney’s :)


* Yes, I’m aware that’s not how it’s generally spelled :)

  • Michael Edmonds

    A couple of trivia questions for you Aimee

    Name the scientist and science communicator who features in the video.

    And what British science TV show did he host?

  • aimee whitcroft

    wiki say Magnus Pyke, of Don’t Ask Me :P

  • Michael Edmonds

    Very good.