Plucky young New Zealanders to undertake Mongol Rally

“Far out!” say friends and loved ones.


aimee ‘oh dear, her again’ whitcroft and Dane ‘finn’ Foster are, it would appear, going to be undertaking the legendarily ludicrous Mongol Rally next year.

Naming themselves ‘Lemur Attack Force’, they will be powering (slowly) across 16,000km – 1/3 of the earth’s surface - in a car one would be worried about driving very far outside of Wellington From London in the west to Ulan Bator (capital of Mongolia) in the east, the pair are hoping that their luck will hold out and they will return, triumphant, filthy and no doubt very much sick of the sight of each other, somewhere around this time next year.

The Rally – it’s to be noted that it’s not a race – had its inaugural race in 2004 and begins in July of each year, with some teams covering the distance in 3 weeks, and others in over 3 months.  The time it takes having, of course, as much to do with luck as it does to do with camels, border guards, boulders the size of small cars and, no doubt, variously large amounts of dust.

It’s not all fun and games, however:  the event is primarily a fund-raising initiative. Each team has to pledge a minimum of £1000, of which half goes to educational initiatives in Mongolia, and the other half to a charity picked by the team raising the dosh. 

Look out for LAF all over New Zealand as they and their appropriately stripey hair** tackle the trauma of long drives in small cars with no means of escape from each other.  Breakdowns, while optional, are highly likely, so please be willing to help with a thump/kick on the appropriate bit of the car.

Of course, the two are looking for sponsorship*** – feel free to contact them, personal or corporate alike, to find out how you can help to raise money for charity (and perhaps contribute to their success).

*The city in which Lemur Attack Force has its lair/nest.

** Provided by the excellent folks at Wildilocks (Cuba St) - get in touch for awesome hairstyles!

*** aimee has laughingly mooted selling…tattoo…space.