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UPDATE: We’re on youtube!  See bottom of post for embedded goodness :)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first ever official TOSP episode.

Each week, your hosts, Scibloggers Elf Eldridge (Just So Science) and aimee whitcroft (misc.ience), will be bringing you 20-30 minutes of some of the amazing science-related interestingness across which we came in the preceding week, including some of the Sciblogs posts which made us think.  Sometimes we’ll chat with fellow Scibloggers, or interview other scientists on relevant topics.  Sometimes we may devote an entire episode to something specific.  Other times, it’ll be a mixture of links and science tidbits from around the world.

We hope you enjoy it!  Of course, please do feel free to contact us with suggestions, thoughts, comments, questions, events and anything else.  After all, podcasts are supposed to be interactive :)

Episode 1

This week’s podcast covers everything from moon pizza bases to memristors which use organic molecules.  From Carl Sagan to New Zealanders revolutionising the science marketplace in the US.  From dinosaur fights (yes, you heard us) to hummingbird love songs. And, of course, a whole bunch more.

The pearltree for all TOSP podcasts can be found here.  This week’s can be found here.

In addition, full links to everything mentioned below:

Kiwis out to revolutionise research with online science marketplace

Ten researchers awarded Rutherford Discovery Fellowships

Scientists Perceive NASA Bias Against Venus

Wanted: astronauts for missions unknown



Quite possibly the most beautiful photo of Saturn ever taken

Astronauts’ tracks, trash seen in new moon photos

The Internet of Things [Infographic]


Protein-Based Memristive Nanodevices

Interspecies Conflict Wishlist Redux

Aeroelastic Flutter Produces Hummingbird Feather Songs

World’s smallest electric motor made from a single molecule

Domino’s plans pizza on the Moon

Managers have bigger brains



Computer modelling of aircraft boarding (UPDATE: the research could be used for Making Television!)

Carl Sagan – Science Communicator Extraordinaire

What is Your Favourite Sagan Quote?

Evolution and education – advice for teachers



Science Media Centre NZ events calendar

Professor Sir Paul Callaghan - A prosperous 21st century New Zealand: educating for the new ‘Tiger Economy


Other interesting things

Nanostructures from Single Amino Acid-Based Molecules: Stability, Fibrillation, Encapsulation, and Fabrication of Silver Nanoparticles

Max Planck Research Networks visualisation

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011

APOD: 2011 September 7 - J102815: A Star That Should Not Exist

Fifty Years of Eclipses (map)

Watch cosmic plasma jet slowly expand in 14-year time-lapse video

Near-death experiences may be triggered by serotonin

Lightweight Cable Made of Braided Nanotubes Could Replace Copper Wires



Thanks to the Science Media Centre for the use of their audio gear, VUW for the use of recording space, and Rhian Sheehan for his beautiful music, used in our intro and outro.





  • HappyEvilSlosh

    Is there a feed for the podcast?

    • aimee whitcroft

      Currently, the one to this blog :) We’re in the process of getting iTunes etc set up, too, as well as a Youtube channel :)

  • http://skepticsinthepub.net.nz/ Gold

    And an inline player? ;)

    • aimee whitcroft

      Getting there, getting there :)

  • HappyEvilSlosh

    When I try adding it to rhythmbox I get

    Error in podcast
    There was a problem adding this podcast: The feed does not contain any downloadable items. Please verify the URL: http://sciblogs.co.nz/tosp/feed/. Would you like to add the podcast feed anyway?

    I take it getting an itunes feed would fix that? Sorry I’m not entirely up to date with how different feeds work. :P

    Anyway, congrats on your first podcast, I look forward to listening to it. :)

  • aimee whitcroft

    Hey Happy

    Well, there’s no actual tunage content in this post, so you couldn’t add it directly to something like rhythmbox. This week’s podcast is hyperlinked to, in the above post :)

    Following the feed will tell you when a new episode is out, but you’d still need to come to the post for the link to it. We’re working on an iTunes feed, but that takes a few weeks :)

  • http://scepticon.wordpress.com Darcy Cowan

    Playing with the built-in Archive.org rss I came up with this.


    other parameters might come up with a prettier link.

  • Michael Edmonds

    Nice job, Elf and Aimee

    Have only just gotten around to tuning in but that was great



    • aimee whitcroft

      Thanks, Michael!

  • Lillian

    is there a link to the dinosaur fighting pictures?

  • aimee whitcroft

    There is indeed: it’s the entry “Interspecies Conflict Wishlist Redux” :)