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TOSP Episode 5: October 10th 2011

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This week’s podcast is, as usual, filled with interesting things.  Particularly Nobel-related things!

We (aimee and Elf) talk about science prizes, figures, finding life on Mars, transhumanism, the beginning of infinity, nanotechnology (what is it?), statistics, space skiing, forensic science, nature vs nurture the Nobels, the Ig nobels and World Space Week.


The pearltree (remember, they’re Flash-based!) for this week’s episode is here.  All our pearltrees thus far are here.  If you can’t access pearltrees, don’t worry - we’ve faithfully hyperlinked to everything in the list below :)

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Nobel Prizes 2011

Astrophysicists awarded Nobel Prize

How two Nobel Prize medals in physics were saved from being seized by the Nazis

$53.8 Million Awarded to Marsden Fund Researchers

Nice figure

Help NASA find life on Mars

The human touch

Taurus G4: Electric plane wins biggest prize in aviation history

The Beginning of Infinity

Jason Silva

Full Interview: John Graham-Cumming on Building Babbage’s Computer

The story so far

Mercury Spotlight

What if academics were as dumb as quacks with statistics?

Best skiing in space is on Saturnian ice moon Enceladus



Unanswered questions for Brent and David Tong

Nature vs. nurture: score = one all

The Nobel Disease

Ig Nobel banter

World Space Week podcast – Episode 5: Mark Rocket




Other interesting things

Plasmonic Nanoparticle Chain in a Light Field: A Resonant Optical Sail

Optically and Biologically Active Mussel Protein-Coated Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Statistical physics: Self-aware particles

Materials: A maglev construction kit

Implementing the Quantum von Neumann Architecture with Superconducting Circuits

Extrasolar planets: Homing in on another Earth

Nanopore-based detection of circulating microRNAs in lung cancer patients

Using Polymer Conformation to Control Architecture in Semiconducting Polymer/Viral Capsid Assemblies

Superfast-Response and Ultrahigh-Power-Density Electromechanical Actuators Based on Hierarchal Carbon Nanotube Electrodes and Chitosan

Fermi Bubbles Are Burps from a Star-Eating Black Hole