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TOSP Episode 6: October 17th 2011

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Featuring yetis, flashing bacteria, space!, brownian motion twists, That’s What She Said, better traffic control (hint: drive slower), nanotech _helping_ cell growth, wired petri dishes, vaccination, whale fall, NZ’s freshwater, and various fabulous eventry!

This week, aimee and Elf could happily have talked for hours, and managed not to.  We are proud :)

Don’t forget to check out ‘other interesting things’ in the link list below, too.  There’s some seriously tasty stuff :)


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Siberia home to yeti, bigfoot enthusiasts insist

Quorum sensing makes flashing bacteria blink together

ISS Now Has Live Access to the Internet

Students plot experiments for YouTube Space Lab

Journey to the Exoplanets iPad app (warning!  For some unfathomable and angry-making reason, this app is not yet available in the NZ store…)

New twist on Brownian motion seen for the first time

[Subject] Could Eat [Object] All Day. That’s What She Said.

Rolling speed harmonization: How Colorado fights congestion on I-70.

Reactive Oxygen Species Driven Angiogenesis by Inorganic Nanorods

Wired Petri Dish Gives Real-Time Updates



IAS Complaint Part 1: Thimerosal in Your Vaccine?

IAS Complaint Part 2: Gardasil Horrors – Horrific Reasoning

IAS Complaint Part 3: Vaccine ingredients – Not so bad really

IAS Complaint Part 4: Anti-Vaccine Impact in New Zealand

Peter Gluckman is introducing a blog

Monkey quotes

Whale Fall (after life of a whale)

Public perceptions of NZ’s freshwater environment



nerd nite special edition: Tell Us A Story

NZIP Conference (that’s ‘Institute of Physics’, not “intellectual Property’ :P)

Say No to Fossil Fools: Panel on expansion of fossil fuel extraction

Forest & Bird: Horizons on the Manawatu

Influenza: Wellington’s Other Battle From Historical Influenza Remedies to the Latest Surveillance Strategies with Mass Spectrometry (more details on calendar)

Climate change, population growth and water intensity: scenarios and pathways for shaping Wellington’s water future

Talking about sex at school: conversation and sexual development.


Other interesting things

Ribald Tales of Entomology Limerick Contest: Honorable Mention #2

The Planet Will House 10 Billion People, and We Can Feed Them All

Core/Sheath Organic Nanocable Constructed with a Master–Slave Molecular Pair for Optically Switched Memories

The Search for a More Perfect Kilogram

Atoms-to-microns model for small solute transport through sticky nanochannels

Antigen-Fixed Leukocytes Tolerize Th2 Responses in Mouse Models of Allergy

A Buff New Twist on Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles

The origin and evolution of word order

Ball Camera Captures 360° Panoramas When Tossed into the Air

Design of a Perfect Black Absorber at Visible Frequencies Using Plasmonic Metamaterials





  • http://skepticsinthepub.net.nz/ Gold

    “Featuring yetis”? If there’s no yetis I’ll be disappointed… ;)

  • http://scepticon.wordpress.com Darcy Cowan

    Finally got around to listening, great stuff. Only one minor clarification:
    The charity complaint is against the Immunisation Awareness Society, not the Immunisation Advisory Service (which doesn’t exist).
    I’m Just worried people might confuse this with the Immunisation Advisory Centre (abbreviated IMAC) who are great science based guys who people should listen to.

    My fault for using the abbreviation IAS all the time.