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You don't like it? Go somewhere else.

Oh, Feynman - you never fail to do other than impress me :)

I think this may well turn out to be one of my favourite videos of all time.  In it, brilliant physicist Richard Feynman explains his attitude towards people who, well, doubt science.  Any he explains why he has said attitude.

The video includes the wonderful line, Richard gesticulating:

You don’t like it? Go somewhere else. To another universe, where the rules are simpler; philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy.

Quite, Richard.  Quite :)

Oh, and for the Kiwis?  This was given at the University of Auckland.  Can we have more speakers like him over, please?


The full lecture on QED - Quantum Electrodynamics, is available on youtube.  First part below.


The Vega Science Trust also has videos of the talk, split by subject matter (nicely done!)

[HT to Derya Unutmaz on Google + for putting this in my path]