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Greetings, 2012ers

Hello, everyone!

Yep, I realise I’m somewhat late back to the fold - but looks are deceiving.  Ive been back at work since Jan 4th (urg), but, well, there’s been a lot on.

On top of the usual summer goings-on - cycling home into gale-force (well, almost) northerlies on sunny days, watching the harbour become jellyfish party central, and seeing Wellington become the ideal version of itself (everyone’s gone elsewhere) - I’ve also been to the inaugural AdaCamp.

Ada Lovelace - sometimes called the world's first computer programmer

AdaCamp‘s a barcamp, founded by the Ada Initiative*, aimed at getting women in open culture/tech etc to talk about their experiences and find ways to encourage each other and, hopefully, to start getting more women into these fields.

Interesting stuff, and I discuss it a little more on this week’s The Official Sciblogs Podcast.  I also plan to write something full length in the very near future, once everything’s percolated through. I hear tell there’s a long weekend on the way*.

And, because I love you guys, I thought I’d give you some beautiful imagery geekiness - The Best Data Visualisation Projects of 2011, as decided by Flowing Data.  nom.


* After Ada Lovelace, who designed the first algorithm meant to be processed by a machine.  Brilliant girl, in other words :) And thanks to the ladies for helping me get over there ito costs!

Which is awesome, as I still also need to write my review of Michael Nielsen’s Reinventing Discovery (I did promise is publishers…), and it looks to be interesting, given that I think I’m gonna be weaving in some other stuff, too :P  Post-scarcity blah blah, here we come!

  • Ben

    I presume you’ve come across 2D goggles?

    The adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, art that I love and weird arsed fictional stories with plenty of factual background about Lovelace and Babbage.

    Gotta love it.

    • aimee whitcroft

      awesome, thanks! i had not yet discovered it :)

  • Ben

    enjoy :)

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