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The mechanics of love

Today is Valentines Day.

Apparently, this is the cause for a great deal of consternation.  I know that it has, over the years, occasioned horror for me, too*.

So, I thought I’d just share something a bit fun and whimsical.  Those of you who are American will no doubt know the name Rube Goldberg. I grew up with the English equivalent - Heath Robinson. Both were famous for their incredible machines*, in which a seemingly simple action was achieved by an almost inhumanly complicated contraption.

In today’s fun demonstration, we will see how swinging Spiderman figurines and various other common household objects*** can help a young male human seduce a young female human.  There’s plonk pouring, prodding and general purposefullness :)

Perfect :)


Why does this particular holiday elicit so much more hate than other similarly crass and commercial ones, like Christmas?  Both are about being with people (or not, as the case may be).  And, I might add, being ‘alone’ is a) a state of mind much of the time, and b) can be pretty glorious too - it depends on the people with whom one is or is not!

I’d also at this point like to cite The Oatmeal’s feelings about Valentines, a wonderful xkcd cartoon on overthinking the whole thing (I agree with both), and, oh yes, the best greetings cards ever. Because _I_ love you all. Even if no one else does.

And no.  I didn’t get a damned thing for Valentines.  Sniff.


* The episode in early primary school involving the boy on whom I had a crush, my lovingly handcrafted gift to him, his subsequent inability (and lack of wish, I suspect) to accept it, and my humiliation in front of, and by the entire, class will remain etched on my braincells for ever. For ever.

** Play the game. Immediately.  I loved it muchly as a kid, still love it as much now, and it was released again last year. woop!

*** Depending on the people with whom you live, of course :)