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The sound of pi - delicious, delicious pi

Yesterday was Pi Day.

It’s celebrated each year on March 14th - or 3/14, of course - with Pi Approximation Day then being held on July 22nd. And on these days, we get to appreciate this most marvellous of numbers.

While many (rather funny, I’ll admit) pie/pi-related jokes, puns and slices of humour were thrown around the internet, there was an awful lot of beautiful content generated and shared and remembered, too.

My favourite?  This gem, from New Scientist.  It’s a musical interpretation of the sound of pi, to 30 decimal points. In other words, how the following numbers 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 sound when filtered through the Western 8-toned octave.

/goes back to hoarding ever greater list of things to blog about, arg