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Why I’ve gone so quiet: the Mongol Rally 2012

Hello, dear readers :)

I just wanted to explain why I’ve been so quiet as of recent, and why I’ll likely be pretty quiet for the next couple of months.

Our countdown timer to the Rally's start.

In short: I’m doing the Mongol Rally (with mad Canuckistani Dane Foster). We’re leaving Wellington on July 10th, and beginning our epic trip from the UK to Mongolia (in a VERY small car) on July 14th.  We hope it won’t take us months, but there’s no way to be sure of that :)

I hope to get to write some interesting science-related stuff* en route, and we’ll definitely be updating people on our whereabouts and adventures!  Keep an eye on our team website - lemurattackforce.co.nz - for stories and pics and assorted madness.

Also, if you happen to be in Wellington today, come along to our launch/farewell/fundraiser party! It’s at The Hop Garden (Pirie St), from 7pm onwards. There’ll be special cocktails, and awesome beers and company, and we may well be raffling/auctioning off some pretty cool stuff, too :)

It’s an open/public party, so bring everyone you know, and we hope to see you all there!

* I’ve already written one: Ulan Bator’s geoengineering scheme is THAT cool