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Hey girl. Did you know I like the macabre?

Hey Girl. I just found out something pretty cool.

Dead Man’s Bones, to which I am currently listening, is a very happy find. The songs from the eponymous album (2009) are about zombies and ghosts and monsters, and have a deliciously cute macabre edge to them.


Some songs are very 50s diner schmaltz. Others have the darker piano tones of something to which people might party in an episode of Dark Shadows. In clingy black gowns, or somesuch.

And who couldn’t love a song titled “My body’s a zombie for you’, with children happily shouting/singing it full bore at the mic?

All are wonderful, though, and the inclusion of the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir (started by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea) is a marvellously weird touch.

Another point: I just _love_ that they kept in imperfections - I think it adds enormously to the charm of the music.

And herein what I found out: one half of the band is Ryan Gosling.


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Ryan Gosling. More depth than a deep thing.