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DeSTEMber is here!

A quick note, today, to make sure that you all, dear readers, are aware of and following/taking part in #deSTEMber.

What is it, you ask?  Well, the Google Science Fair peeps have teamed up with girlstart, with the stated aim being to get people more actively interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths).

It’s going to be running all through December, and will focus on people of all ages and backgrounds.  According to science writer Fraser Cain,

This month-long event will be focusing on people of all ages and backgrounds, since the STEM fields effect each and every one of us! Already there are plans for +CERN,, +National Geographic, +Scientific American, and others to host HOA’s covering a variety of interesting materials including at-home science experiments, panel interviews, behind-the-scenes in the lab, etc.

Not to mention, yours truly is organizing an event for the third week of #deSTEMber  through the +CosmoQuest page, bringing the awesome science of space and astronomy to the world!

DeSTEMber will include a bunch of Hangouts on Air, and you can see a calendar of the month’s awesome here.



Also, hooray for girlstart!  Awesome initiative, and makes me think of the Ada Initiative :)