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A very kitchenesque CT scanner

From awesomely-educational website Hack A Day comes a particularly wonderful,  if oddly gruesome, piece of science/tech hacking.

Rotating CT chicken, courtesy of Ben Krawsnow. Watch it dance.*


Mad chap Ben Krasnow has built a ‘build something mad on your kitchen table’-type version of a CT scanner. CT scanners, as you will remember, take X-rays of an object and then put them all together to get a 3d composite view of the innards of said object.  They get used a great deal in medicine, for example.

And they tend to be giant (in hospitals, at least).

Anyhoo, Ben built his and, in order to keep it small, simply rotated his subject rather than rotating the machinery. He used only an x-ray tube, a stepper motor, a large ring bearing, and an Arduino microcontroller, plus a phosphor screen and camera.

The subject?  A frozen chicken. Watch the video below to see how he did it.



For some reason, I find it weirdly unsettling…


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