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Competition for Wellington infographics makers

This post is aimed at those of you who make infographics, or are interested in them, or know someone who does/is. Think of it as a spreading of the word…

On Feb 16th, Contribeauty (‘turning data into design’) and (NZ’s own version of Kickstartr) are going to be holding an infographics competition. The second of its kind - the first was about food production - the competition will be focusing on crowdsourcing.

You can see the winning entry from the first competition at the Contribeauty Facebook page:

Anyhoo, more details in this press release - can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

Sadly, the competition seems to be limited to Wellington designers, but I see still brilliant scope for the beautiful and useful portrayal of some data :)


Disclaimer: I know on of the judges - all that this means is I know the competition is a good one :)