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Best cover ever - Space Oddity from the ISS

Legend-of-a-human-being* Commander Chris Hadfield, who (in my view) has been responsible for some of the coolest, most inspiring science communication ever**, has just won everything.


As his goodbye to his time aboard the International Space Station (ISS), Chris recorded a lovely, very heartfelt cover version (with music video) of David Bowie’s classic 1969 ‘Space Oddity’. And it’s spellbinding, and quite moving.

Thanks, Chris. It’s gonna be good to have you back on earth, but we loved your being in space, too. Safe landings :)



* Canadians are awesome

** OK, yes, he’s in an amazing place, but nonetheless. I have no doubt he’s inspired legions of people around science and space exploration. The most recent was the one about what happens when you wring out a towel in space, below :) Also, anyone who uses my favourite expression (to be tattooed onto myself at some point soon) - For Science!! - will endear themselves to me for ever.