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A Perfectly Archetypical Title for This Journal

Wow, the weather’s foul. And it’s enfoulenating the moods of many, I imagine. So a brief, funsy Friday frivolity :P

From the Pipeline column, a list of The Perfect Papers For Each Journal.

Some of my favourites include:

For Science:
“People Only Read One or Two Papers Out of Any Issue of This Journal, and This Isn’t One of Them, is It?”

For the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry:
“Big Pharma Here, With a Gigantic Flaming Viking Funeral for a Project That Chewed Up Eight Years, And Here’s All We Have to Show For It?”

“Small Academic Lab Here, With A Series of Rhodanines and Polyphenols That Are Seriously Hot Leads for At Least Ten Diseases”

For Tetrahedron Letters
“Remember Us? Here’s a Four-Page Paper About Some Reaction With No Experimental Whatsoever. Where Else Can You Find. . .Oh, Right. Never Mind.”

“The Four Thousand And Forty-Seventh Way to Prepare Nitriles From Oximes”

And there are lots, lots more. Check out the original post for the full listing :)

Which are your favourites? And do you have any journals/titles you’d like to add? If so, well, that’s (kinda) what the comment section of this blog is for :)

Stay safe and warm!


And on a separate note - a great article about Lego, New Zealand researchers and Bad Science Journalism.