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Jawdropping (also ft ICT sector reports, fiscal calculators and Mongolia)

Well, that was my reaction to this video, at any rate.

Picked up off Twitter, from fellow Sciblogger Mr David Winter (@TheAtavism) himself*, it’s stunning high-speed camera work explaining the mad physics behind the Prince Rupert’s Drop. Don’t know what that is? Well, watch the video, and the marvel, MARVEL I SAY, at what you’ll learn about glass, strains of different sorts, and more.

Also including some very odd, but rather effective, green-screen work.  I’ve subscribed to the channel and imagine that it’ll become (along with CDZA, VSauce, SixtySymbols, and the less sciencey ConvosWith2YrOld and some others) one of my favourites :)





In other, completely unrelated news, MBIE’s Information and Communications Technology sector report for 2013 is out, and commentary is already starting to come in over the Twitterwaves and elsewhere. I’ve not yet finished reading and digesting it, but one thing I’ve noticed is the lack of the word ‘open’ anywhere in it, which is…interesting.

Also, go check out the Fiscal Calculator!


I finally finished off the Mongol Rally blog of our adventures last year. If you wanna see pikkies of Mongolia and, even more awesomely, our timelapse (with soundtrack) of the trip through Mongolia, go here! I recommend putting on nice headphones and enlarging the vid for the timelapse - it’s quite immersive :)


* Keep an eye out for his roundup of awesome scicomms (online) video channels :)