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Future Timeline - a visual representation Pt 1

Future Timeline is an extremely interesting site.  Calling itself a “speculative timeline of future history”, it has page upon page of really interesting content. Some of it is very much based on fact, while others is based more on supposition and hypothesis.

It’s an excellent exercise for casting one’s mind forward.

Unfortunately, however, the structure of the website means it’s impossible to get an overview of trends and changes. Something which, I hope, I’ve been able to help with. At least a little.

I’ve taken every entry in the website, assigned each a category, and sorted and colour coded it. I also kept all the hyperlinks, so one can click on any entry to be taken to the fuller explanation about it. This necessitated having to check ALL of them, as some got mushed somehow. Arg.

Below you can see some of the iterations I went through (this was a somewhat time-intensive project).

Next step? Figuring out how best to get it online :) Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here it is!