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Academic kindness

The academic world can be a harsh mistress, as anyone who’s been anywhere near it knows. Not only can it feel like your colleagues are out to get you, but your bosses, funders, the public, governments and officials and, well, the world.

academic kindness screenshot

Through all of this,  fledgling (and lovely!) tumblr blog Academic Kindness shines a light of sweetness and hope. Have a look. Take a moment to smile.

And, perhaps, think what moment of academic kindness you could not only add to the blog, but perform :)

You’d be amazed at the impact it could have*.


This is also, to my mind, a brilliant example of technology being used to bring people together and inspire them, rather than alienate them.


* I’ll admit to sometimes wondering whether I might have stayed in science had I encountered something along the lines spoken of in the blog. Ah well!