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Countdown: I love this liftoff

It’s an insane day for space stuff!

Stephen Hawking is boldly claiming ‘there are no black holes‘* - and this from the chap who proposed Hawking radiation :P

Astronomers have discovered an ‘ultramassive’ black hole: one of the most powerful objects ever found.

The ‘cosmic web’ - filaments of gas connecting galaxies across the darkest regions of space - has been long hypothesized, and now seen.

And there’s this stunning video - artists’ conceptions of a rocket launch.

A stellar day for science, if you will :P


* The Hawking paper (awesome title ‘Information preservation and weather forecasting for black holes’) has been published on arXiv, and is still need of peer review. If you want to join in the review process, REAL TIME, you can do so over on peer review platform Publons**, by going to

** Full disclosure: Publons is one of the projects on which I work :)