Stunning timing! xkcd’s newest strip is on the subject of physicists.    Why am I wittering about timing?  Well, given that I’ve just written a post about physicists explaining what’s going on, it’s pretty awesome synchronicity. Oh yes, and we do laughing at them a little, as well :) [HT: Jason for sending me the link, with the simple message 'apropos']

The mathematics of war

War!  Hngh! What is it good for?  Well, the development of some interesting mathematics, if nothing else.  And raised eyebrows.  And scheming/strategising. Last Monday morning (yes yes, I know – been busy, ‘k?!) I successfully managed to hie myself off to Dr Sean Gourley’s speech about, you guessed it, the mathematics of war. Or, to be particular, the mathematics behind insurgencies’ ability to stave off defeat by much larger, more well-equipped forces.  Asymmetric warfare, in […]

Interesting bitties: different alphas, plastic to oil, drunk voles and a fry

Whilst in the process of writing other, more long-form posts, I thought I’d throw you all the proverbial bone. Or, to be more precise, smattering of things wot I has found interesting today, and which you might find interesting too. First up! Akinori Ito goes down as favourite human being of the day.  It would appear that he has come up with a way of making the previously one-way process of oil –> plastic into […]

Interesting bits: starving to stay awake, and an LCA on Li-Ion

I have seen many interesting sciencey things this week.  Which makes sense, given that a large part of my job is to track new research.  Sadly, and for the sake of brevity, I’ve had to pick but two for this post. Starving to stay awake? Another interesting factoid related to, well, taking in less calories than one might need.  It’s already been shown that calorie restriction lengthens lives.  Admittedly, this has yet to be proven […]

Introducing a new blogger: seeing data

Haha!  We are pleased as punch to introduce the third in our blitz of blogs this week. Chris McDowell will be the force behind seeing data (first post up shortly), a blog all about data visualisation.  For those of who aren’t familiar with the subject, data vis (viz)* is the artform behind taking numbers, and making of them graphics at which people can point their eyes.  One such subsection of this is, of course, infographics.  […]

Introducing a new blogger: Shaken Not Stirred

Man, what a week! We are most proud and yayfull to be introducing our second new blog this wee: Shaken Not Stirred (first post up in about 15 minutes). To be penned by Jesse Dykstra, who’s down south at Canterbury University, it’ll be focusing on natural hazards.  Of which New Zealand is full.  And also disaster management, of which, happily, NZ is less in need. Whew. Of course, it won’t just be focussed on NZ, […]