Word battles, Pt I

[originally penned 27 May, 2010] I have friends, treasured friends, who are willing, able and indeed happy to play word games with me. In some cases, these have turned into epic battles, with the fortunes of both sides waxing and waning with the phases of the moon, other solar system celestial bodies and, frankly, who’s […]

Towards evolvable circuitry

In the recent past, I stumbled across a paper entitled “The evolvability of programmable hardware”.  I was, as I’m sure would be the case for anyone, immediately fascinated. This, then, is the account of that paper, dear reader.  But a word of background, perhaps, before we dive in. Biological systems are known for their ability […]

A miscellany: delinkification, engineer duels and email addresses

I spend a great deal of my time every day reading things.  Not only is it my job, but it might well be a compulsive habit anyway. And I often want to share these things.  For this purpose, I have begun using Twitter frequently, but sometimes it’s nice to share interesting and amusing findings using […]