Fantastic data vis of US language differences

As with all countries, large OR small, there are going to be variations in dialect and pronunciation. Given its size and history, one would expect the US to have some pretty fantastic ones. And it does! PhD (Statistics) student Joshua Katz hasjust published a fantastic set of data visualisations from a linguistic survey of how […]

TOSP Episode 14: December 12th 2011

[Original post on the Sciblogs The Official Sciblogs Podcast site] This week’s a little special. In addition to aimee and Elf discussing how our brains process syntax and vocabulary (differently, it turns out!), the biggest black holes yet discovered and a 17 year old who’s made huge strides in the fight against cancer, Elf also […]

Word battles, Pt I

[originally penned 27 May, 2010] I have friends, treasured friends, who are willing, able and indeed happy to play word games with me. In some cases, these have turned into epic battles, with the fortunes of both sides waxing and waning with the phases of the moon, other solar system celestial bodies and, frankly, who’s […]