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TOSP Episode 14: December 12th 2011

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This week’s a little special.

In addition to aimee and Elf discussing how our brains process syntax and vocabulary (differently, it turns out!), the biggest black holes yet discovered and a 17 year old who’s made huge strides in the fight against cancer, Elf also sits down with a panel of our bloggers for a discussion!

Panelists (in order of appearance):

  • Prof. Shaun Hendy - Sciblogger: A Measure of Science
  • Ken Atkinson - Science Media Centre
  • Peter Griffin - Science Media Centre, Sciblogs founder and Sciblogger: Griffin’s Gadgets
  • John Kerr - Science Media Centre
  • Ken Parrot - Sciblogger: Open Parachute
  • Elf - TOSP co-host, Sciblogger: Just So Science

The topics covered are:

  • NZ science is often forced through funding to ‘pick winners’? What do you think of this strategy and which ‘winning’ technologies would you pick to invest in?
  • One of the responses often given by students who wish to continue their studies overseas is that you “can’t do world class science or get a world class qualification in NZ”. Do you see a solution to this? Is it an accurate description of your area in NZ science?
  • R&D tax credits are a significant (well - to US they are) election issue. Will they address NZ’s poor R&D expenditure per capita? Or is a more deep seated problem associated with NZ’s disperse population and low levels of capital investment?
  • China’s plan is to have a man on the moon by 2020. What goals would you like to see NZ science set during the same period?
  • What will be the big science developments over the next 12 months?


It’s a wee bit longer than usual, but we figured it was interesting enough to warrant it!


Study Finds the Key to Language: How Humans Form Sentences

How the brain strings words into sentences

Neuron - Syntactic Processing Depends on Dorsal Language Tracts

Monster Black Holes Are Most Massive Ever Discovered

17-year-old wins 100k for creating cancer-killing nanoparticle

From fireflies to superbugs….

Sciblogs Events

The Prime Minister’s Science Prizes

Other interesting things (from diet and mental health to transparent crab shells, and more!)


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