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TOSP Episode 13: December 5th 2011

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Another week, another collection of brilliant stuff to talk about.

This week, Elf and aimee talk about groups.  Well, mostly groups, but also weta, astronomy, learning and why we don’t have a cure for AIDS.  As for groups - we look into how StarCraft 2 is contributing to cognitive science, how we can help the science of whale (dolphin) communication, and how physicists are doing it for themselves (and others).

Exciting stuff!


Kiwi’s space photos stun astronomers

Weta minute - he’s a wee ‘un - Strange But True


Open source physics

How a Computer Game is Reinventing the Science of Expertise

Challenges in learning biology

Finding out about the astronomers who found the universe

Why don’t we have a cure for AIDS yet?


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