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TOSP Episode 15: December 19th 2011

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The last TOSP before Christmas!

And, because we’re daring, it _isn’t_ Christmas-themed.  Just to give y’all a break.

Instead, Elf and aimee cover the winners of the Prime Minister’s Science Prize(s), how bees reach consensus (warning: headbutting), a very special new crab, Jupiter’s heart-cannibalisation, the race to create the bionic eye, and the effect that Foo Fighters concert has both on GeoNet (seismic sensors) and a human body :) And the Higgs boson results get a mention, too.

Good stuff!


We won’t record next Sunday, but will be back the week following (early January_.  In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday and Stay Curious!


Prime Minister’s $1 million science prizes presented

Sciblogs: PM’s Science Teacher Prize: Dr Angela Sharples

Oceanographers win PM’s science prize for climate work

Bees reach consensus by headbutting dissenters

Yeti crab grows its own food

Is Jupiter Eating Its Own Heart?

Rocky core solubility in Jupiter and giant exoplanets

Sciblogs: The race to create the bionic eye

Sciblogs: The effect of the Foo Fighters on the human body and seismic activity

Mass effect: Maybe Higgs, maybe not

Higgs Update Today: Inconclusive, As Expected


Other interesting things (including downloading knowledge into your brain, the smallest conceivable switch, and controlling neurons with light)




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