Things wot I could/should speak about

For lo!  Behold above my awesomeness with regards use of the English language.

* gets grip on self *

Anyhoo, I’ve got a coupla speaking type engagements/thingies looming in the coming months, and thought I could crowdsource my topics.  Or, in other words (as previously asked on twitter, and FB), about which things, dear readers, would you like to hear me opine/propound/enthuse?

So far, I’ve had:

  • How one goes from mol-bio to twitterati in 2.5 seconds…
  • The chemistry of coffee
  • Growing up among south African wildlife
  • Why curry is important
  • How I lost 400 lbs and grew a new arm using only my Kinect

Other ruminations:

  • Something ‘bout t’universe, and perhaps current fight over gravity
  • Some series of short precis on some of favourite scientific findings over last 18 months or so
  • The horror of being a generalist geek in a world of specialists: a survival guide (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the attention span difficulty)

Also, what thoughts do you have about what will happen with blogging/social media/web 2.x this year?

* waves fingers in googly way *  You know you want to comment…