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Wine: good for superconductors, too

A very quick pointer, for those who don’t see my tweets :)

red wine

Once again, rises to the fore*, with an interesting application for alcohol.

Not content with fighting cancer and improving lifespan, or being good for our bones (and I’m sure that research will at some point show that single malt whisky** is highly beneficial), it appears that alcohol is beneficial for superconductors!

Apparently, it’s a case (haha) of, um, lubricated*** scientists who decided to try soaking a particular material (FeTeO.8SO.2O) in various types of commercial booze, and then tested it for superconductivity.  Schochu increased superconductivity by over 20% but, and here’s the kicker, red wine did so by 62%****.


Research here.

And, to add a little lolcat: can haz moar drunk scientists?  Kthnxbai!


* Other times I’ve mentioned arXiv include articles on the teapot effect, shaking oneself dry, modelling cow behaviour, time, and science publishing.

** From Islay, preferably.  Donations welcome

*** Says this article

**** I shall refrain, with some difficulty, from making the obvious comparisons between the effect of red wine on these materials, and on people.