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    In stillness it rests


    ‘Until the latter fires heat the deep’


    Tentacles the waveforms of the future


    Singularity: reaching out


    To enfold.  The end of the world.

A bad poem written while trying to write content for this year’s #twecon, my subject being “Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken”.

Thank you, Lord Tennyson, too :)

UPDATE: the final product

1. Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken #twecon

2. Latter fires heat the deep, the future rises and swarms, its waveforms opening to engulf us. Tentacles… #twecon
3. … of possibility, the curves of an unceasing end and unremitting remaking, a multitude of attachments… #twecon
4. nodes, hooks, hyperlinks, lines.  The merging of man and machine, of mind and manufacture… #twecon
4. … an event horizon, the sinuous sines of Singularity. Harbinger of Apocalypse…
5. … an end to _our_ world, _our_ understanding, _our structures_. A beginning.  #twecon
6. The Kraken beckons, Singularity awaits. #twecon

References and readings: #twecon