Robots and tentacles

For the last year or two, Matthew Dentith has organised twecon.


And this year, I decided to take part. Heaven only knows why. After asking people for suggestions about a topic, a number of things kinda melded into one and I decided on ‘Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken’.


And today, it was necessary to _submit_ said tweetage. After thashing my braincells a little, plus a couple of iterations and the advice of a mate, I spat something out.

Which follows:

1. Robots and tentacles: the Singularity as Kraken #twecon

2. Latter fires heat the deep, the future rises and swarms, its waveforms opening to engulf us. Tentacles… #twecon
3. … of possibility, the curves of an unceasing end and unremitting remaking, a multitude of attachments… #twecon
4. nodes, hooks, hyperlinks, lines. The merging of man and machine, of mind and manufacture… #twecon
4. … an event horizon, the sinuous sines of Singularity. Harbinger of Apocalypse…
5. … an end to _our_ world, _our_ understanding, _our structures_. A beginning. #twecon
6. The Kraken beckons, Singularity awaits. #twecon

References and readings: #twecon

So there it is. It was certainly interesting to put out there, especially once my hands had stopped shaking :)

AND, for the rest of the awesome content supplied by the various contributors, you can follow #twecon here. Do it. You know you want to…


Other posts of mine mentioning the singularity are here and here

Also, it’s probably worth mentioning I’m wading (hurhur) through China Mieville’s Kraken :)

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    And, a scant few minutes after I had posted the above, The Economics tweeted the following article: