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TOSP Episode 9: November 7th 2011

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Greetings, dear listeners!

This week, aimee was joined once again by Chelfyn Baxter, co-host of the g33k show, to talk through some of the science stories of the last week.  They included using lasers to rip the universe a new one, Boeing building spacecraft, the weight of the internet, alternate living, radiation-cleaning Aussie nanofibres, asteroids, and some very interesting Sciblogs articles.

We apologise (once again, sigh) for the slight oddness in the sound on this one.  We’re using a new venue, and it’s coming with surprises!  As always, please do feel free to comment/contact us - feedback helps us improve :)


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A Laser to Give the Universe a Hernia?

Boeing to Build Commercial Spacecraft at Kennedy, Create 550 Jobs

How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

Search for Elusive Higgs Boson Particle on Hold Until 2012

Alternate ending: Living on without telomerase

Aussie scientists develop radioactivity-trapping nanofibers

NASA in Final Preparations for Nov. 8 Asteroid Flyby



The Self Preservation of Grass

Answer simple question – win an iPad

visualising a curriculum




Other interesting things

Our galaxy’s gas hides a mystery substance that’s soaking up light

Mysterious absorption lines could illuminate 90-year puzzle

Cosmic Log - Reality check for starships