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TOSP Episode 10: November 14th 2011

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We’re trying something new!

Elf’s back safe and sound (yay!), and we decided after a strategy confab to try out something a bit new with the podcast.  If you’re curious about what we changed, we explain the why and how in the first few minutes :) To paraphrase, though - we’ll be discussing fewer items at greater length (with added interviews!), and trying to add our knowledge and insight a bit more.  We hope this’ll be of more interest and use to our listeners!

Also, this was something of a special edition - given that the New Zealand general election is at the end of November, we thought we would go through some of the science-related policies (or comments thereon) of the three major NZ political parties, as well as one other.

The comments were collected by the New Zealand Science Media Centre, and Elf and aimee go through some of the issues covered, comment , and also share some of the wonderful blog posts written by Sciblogs bloggers on the subject. They also discuss the plans for the reform of IRL into Advanced Technology New Zealand.


As always, comments and feedback are most welcome!

DISCLAIMER: Elf and aimee were very sure to say on the podcast, and will do so again here, that their views are personal and do NOT represent any organisations or otherwise with whom they are associated.  Further, this podcast does not represent our political views and does not endorse (or not endorse) any parties, but is intended to provide our listeners with information on science-related policies as put forward by some political parties, and to comment only where appropriate and based on our personal experience or knowledge.

Election 2011 – SMC science Q&A with political parties

Improving R&D support to the high-tech sector

Powering Innovation report – experts respond

More science in Election 2011 than you’d think

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  • http://sciblogs.co.nz/the-atavism david winter

    Well done again guys. I actually liked the “rapid fire” format of the first ones, good to get a wrap of the cool nanotech science stories doing to rounds, especially as I’m so far in thesis-land I often miss them.

    (I realise this was different anyway with the political focus)

  • aimee whitcroft

    Thanks, David :)

    In terms of nanotech, I’ll bet Elf can keep you in the loop nonetheless!

  • http://sciblogs.co.nz/the-atavism david winter

    Indeed, “nanotech” was meant to be crossed out (seems sciblogs doesn’t deal with ), was meant to be my, not all that funny, joke at Elf’s obsession :)

  • aimee whitcroft

    hehe, he is a bit - we like that!! and hopefully will, when discussing nanotech pieces in more detail, be able to suck more of the goodness out of his braaainz*.

    *disclaimer: atnotimearesayingthattheeatingofbrainsisgoodnorareanypeopleassociatedwithtospinanywayazombie.weswear.

    erm, sometimes this works :)