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5,000 posts on Sciblogs!

This post is, officially, the 5,001st blog post on Sciblogs.

We are very happy bunnies

Since the inception of Sciblogs in October 2009 - a little over two years ago - we’ve been impressed with the quality of writing of our bloggers, and the growing stable of talent this network has attracted and continues to attract.

And so, both Peter Griffin and I* would like to say a very strong and happy ‘thanks!’ to both our fellow bloggers and, of course, to our wonderful readers for continuing to read our work, and take part in the conversations to be had here!

We value you all enormously - keep up the good work :)


* I’m less dignified than … many people … so I am at this point grinning like a mad ferret and jumping up and down with glee.  There may be enthusiastic hands-waving, and I’ll probably end up tripping over something :P

  • Waiology

    Drinks all round!

  • Dave

    Well done, nothing like furious hand waving and potential damage to mark this milestone. Cheers