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#webstock tweetage

Hooray for the internets!

Most appropriately, during Jeremy Keith (@adactio)’s talk about, amongst other things, trying to keep and store as much data/information as we can, and not letting the internet forget as easily as it might, I’ve set up an archive of #webstock (webstock conference) tweets.

It’s being updated every five minutes, and is running off a Google spreadsheet macro-type thingummy.  It’s also publicly available here. The ‘Dashboard‘ tab (bottom of the spreadsheet/workbook) gives some handy summary info and graphy stuff, and the ‘Summary‘ tab gives numbers.

I’m also working on an interactive (constantly updating) visualisation of the #webstock twitterati as nodes, and how they fit together/interact etc, but the technology is being recalcitrant.  Will update post when I have it :)

Update: I HAZ VISUALISATION. IT R HERE. And my, look at all those nodes and connections! It looks like top tweetererers are @StephaniePride and@MiramarMike, the top conversationalists are @Mrmongier and the two mentioned previously, and the top hashtags are #webstock and, of all things, #altwiki (for which I have another of these spreadsheet/visualisation jobbies, if anyone’s interested).

[also, those on mobile will see a different version of the website to those on normal internet, over the next 24 hours or so after this is first published. mutter mutter moving servers mutter dns mutter mutter. also, this should have been posted hours ago. see above. mutter :P]