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TOSP Episode 21: February 21st 2012

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We’re back!  And with a minimum of difficulties this week :)

This week, Elf and aimee talk of a new soft motor, ROBOBEES, a teeeeeensy chameleon (squee!), hacking yoghurt, some very ancient art, ROBOBEES, investing in yourself, knitting needles and water bubbles and space, quantum computing for beginners, sequencing genomes on a USB stick-sized device (!!!!) and ROBOBEES.


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New ‘soft’ motor made from artificial muscles

How To Genetically Modify Yogurt

Registry of Standard Biological Parts

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny chameleons

Water bubbles orbiting a knitting needle on the ISS

Making your education investment pay

These Are the Earliest Human Paintings Ever

In new mass-production technique, robotic insects spring to life

Quantum Physics #1

Sequencing genomes on a USB stick-sized device, $US900

UPDATE (read after the podcast was recorded): Who Doubts The USB Thumb Drive Sequencer? A Rival


Other interesting things

Do Patents Really Have Nothing to do With Innovation?

Suppression of Catastrophic Failure in Metallic Glass–Polyisoprene Nanolaminate Containing Nanopillars




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