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So you think science is hogwash?

I think this piece almost perfectly sums up why I struggle not to become Quiet and Sarcastic* with anti-science people.

Click to enlarge (a bit).


You stare into your high definition plasma screen monitor, type into your cordless keyboard then hit enter which causes your computer to convert all that visual data into a binary signal that’s processed by millions of precise circuits, which is then converted to a frequency modulated singal to reach you wireless router where it is then converted to light waves and sent along a large fibre optics cable to be processed by a super computer on a mass server which then sends that bit you typed to a satellite orbiting the earth that was put there through the greatest feats of engineering and science, all so it could go back through a similiar pathway to make it all the way here to my computer monitor 15,000 miles away from you just so you could say

“Science is all a bunch of man made hogwash.”



Although I must admit, I thought that was going to end with ‘so you could post amusingly-titled photos of your cats.’**


* Or, depending on levels of contact with humanity, beer, caffeine, blood sugar and so on, Table thumping and Sweary.

** Not that I think that’s a bad thing in any way :)  After all, lolcats have given us so much, including the lolcat bible.