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Come to Science in the City!

Something pretty exciting’s happening this Thursday, 12th April, in Auckland (New Zealand) :)

Yep, Science in the City is taking place, from 9am to 8pm, at The Cloud.

R.V. Tangaroa
This is the Tangaroa, a Very Impressive Research Vessel. And you can come and play with interactive tours of it!

But what, I hear you cry, is this ‘Science in the City’?  Well, NIWA and a bunch of other sciencey organisations* are going to be taking over The Cloud to show off some of their awesome science.  And what they get up to, and discover, and research, and so forth. There will be Actual Real Scientists there, with whom you can chat, and there are also talks (on great white sharks, Antarctica and the Hauraki Gulf), and a keynote address by Professor Sir Peter Gluckman!

It’s an Open Day, of course, so everyone is welcome. And I hear it’s school holidays, too, so it’s a great day out for the small people. There will be many tiring things for them to marvel at, look at and learn about.  Which should get themg oing to sleep beautifully that evening :)

How do I know it’s going to be brilliant, though?  Well, let’s just say that I have inside knowledge about some of the brilliant equipment and stands which are going to be on display, and I’m super excited about seeing all of it.  And I do mean all of it, since I (and a number of other people) will be there, all day, manning stands and being helpful to visitors and so forth :)

Ooh, also!  You can follow goings-on on NIWA’s fresh new social media presences - there’ll be live-tweeting and whatnot going on:




Hope to see you there :)


* Including other CRIs, Auckland Museum, the Pew Foundation and more