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Shiny sexy data centre pr0n

Yep, folks, you heard me right. Data centre pr0n.

I’ve had a couple of friends* send me this link today, from Google.  The page it directs one to will give you lots and lots of shiny data centre photos grouped around the tech, the people and the places. Of course, explanations of the photos are also included, and there’s hours and hours of fun here. SO MANY PIPES.


I also recommend the Story of Send, released earlier this year. The very cute little HTML5 adventure takes one on a tour of how Google handles your emails through its data centres and beyond.  Also featuring photos and videos and so forth. And some really, really interesting numbers, such as the amount of energy a Google search can take (see below). Yep, both sites are an ad for how cool they are, but it’s still interesting and fun, and a great way, I think, of showing how a company can communicate with people without the use of dry press releases.



And DCs like this are particularly interesting for those of us in New Zealand, for example, where nothing even CLOSE to this in size exists, let alone lots of them…


* You guys know me so well :P