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Shaming Lassie

I’m not sure if you’re familiar or not with the hilariously wonderful site Dogshaming.


Now that you’re back here, having just spent an hour giggling at it, welcome!

My partner and I don’t yet have our herd (or pack, whatever) of dogs*, so I’ve offered up another image instead. Lassie. Because, well**, she just kept letting Timmy fall down things!

Naughty Lassie :P

Lassie dog shaming
I keep letting Timmy fall into things: abandoned mine shafts, off cliffs, into rivers, lakes, and even quicksand. But at least I never let him fall into a well!  Photo: Lassie in Samuel Goldwyn Company’s, Lassie - 2006

* That day has been hastened by Dogshaming. We wants the puppies!!!

** I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself