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Nikon’s Small World photo competition winners 2012 now out!

Some things help one to mark time.  For my little science blog, Nikon’s small worlds competition is one of these.

As previously mentioned, each year the competition takes in entries of the best microscopy on the web, and then hurls awards at the ones it likes the most.

And so, without further ado, this year’s winners!

Nikon’s Small Worlds photo competition 2012 - Top 20


Much of the media I’ve seen thus far seems to particularly like the photo of black mastiff bat embryos (20th place), which I think look distinctly gargoyle-like.

Oddly enough, I feel like this year’s winners aren’t grabbing me as much as previous years’ have.  Hrm. In fact, I thin I prefer the non-top-20 photos, for the most part, including this gorgeous one, of radiolaran shells (then again, I do have a thing for radiolarans) :)


Radiolaria shells (120x). Ralph Claus Grimm

Congratulations to all those awarded!  Some lovely work :)


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