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If Ptolemy had been right, and the magical theory of relativity

Two excellent pieces of visual science communication today.

The first is a visualisation of what our solar system would look like it Ptolemy had been right. As you no doubt remember, he’s the chap who posited that the _earth_ was the centre of, well, everything.

Sadly I can’t embed it here, but go and check it out! It’s, um, twirly :) And comes out of ‘Astronomy: A beginner’s guide to the Universe‘, of which this is something of the online supporting material.

The second I came across today while searching for examples of good Prezis to show people; The magical theory of relativity, by Petra Marjai.

And it’s marrrvellous. It’s all about the theory of relativity, and does a great job of explaining it to even the most rank of beginners. Lovely information design, too!


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