On babies

Having a discussion with a friend.  On the subject of my being willing to give my firstborn for sun and heat, he expressed disappointment. On my enquiring as to the reasons for this, it generally being accepted as a relatively high price to pay for something, the following answer was forthcoming: Well it is just […]

Word battles, Pt I

[originally penned 27 May, 2010] I have friends, treasured friends, who are willing, able and indeed happy to play word games with me. In some cases, these have turned into epic battles, with the fortunes of both sides waxing and waning with the phases of the moon, other solar system celestial bodies and, frankly, who’s […]

Christmas presents

A quick note on the Christmas (or otherwise) gift front. While I’m sure everyone has by now completed their Christmas shopping, I thought I would direct your eyes to this site. Because yes, Sciblogs has indeed made up some merchandise! You can get hoodies, t-shirts and stickers, and if there’s interest in anything else (bags, […]

I have moved to Sciblogs

Hello everyone :)As you may or may not be aware, I’m also part of the stable of bloggers to be found on Sciblogs. For the moment, I’ve decided to be lazy and rather than syndicating/double posting (which always requires a little extra work), I’m simpl…